Benefits associated with airfreight

There are three modes of transport. These are air, land, and water. Air freight is one best solution for transporting high value and low volume shipments. Besides, this mode of transport is practical for all types of goods irrespective of their size and shape such as machinery, furniture, electronics, manufacturing, and appliances. Outlined here below are the main benefits of air transport

Efficient and fast method

With this node or transport, goods can be shipped easily and quickly from one destination to another. It is faster than both sea freight and road transport.

Reliable arrival and departure times

Airlines are run on a tight schedule that cannot be changed to give more arrival or departure times. You will find many of the flight services having freights which departs after every half or one hour. This means that a problem being experienced with one plane cannot lead to delays.

Low-cost insurance premiums

Goods shipped by air take a short time as compared to sea or land. Good transported in short period require a low insurance premium. Even if the general cost charged is higher, its insurance cost is lower as compared to the other options. In addition to that, airplanes have a low packaging cost. Air freight is also safer as compared to the sea shipments, and they do not require heavy packaging.

Requires less warehousing

Air freights are very fast, and they do not rely much on the local warehousing. Few items are held in stock. The process of inspecting, handling and clearing goods is the airport is very fast. This has greatly facilitated the process with which shipment leaves the port.

Global delivery service

his mode of transport is the best for transporting goods for long distance. Airlines are well networked to the major destinations and airports that they visit giving them a wide coverage area in different parts of the world. This has made air freight services more convenient than any other mode of transport. You can use it to transport goods across the country or to the other parts of the world very fast.


Enough security

The air transport is known for providing the highest levels of security. This has, in turn, reduced the risk of theft or damage of good while in transit. Both the passengers and goods are thoroughly inspected to ensure that everything is safe and secure. Most of the airports have special procedures that ensure that the cargo delivered is safe and intact. The controls at the airport are tightly managed.…

Health benefits and uses of essential oils

People have been using these oils for many years mainly for health and medicinal purposes. For instance, essential oils have a wide application in the manufacturing of personal beauty products, house cleaning products. They are also used as natural medicine treatment and in aromatherapy. These oils are extracted or distilled from the different parts of plants such the barks, leaves, roots, flowers, peels, and resin. Their main benefits are attributed to their antibacterial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Essential oils are also referred to as healing oils.

The common essential oils include lemon, rose, sandalwood, oregano, myrrh, eucalyptus, ginger, clove, grapefruit, cypress, tea tree oil, peppermint, frankincense, and lavender. Heir major benefits and used include alleviating pain, healing skin conditions, fighting the symptoms associated with flu and colds, soothing sore muscles and relaxing the body, improving digestion, reducing wrinkles and cellulite and balancing of the body’s hormones.

How to apply essential oil

The common ways in which these oils are used include the following


Essential oils are light and can be absorbed easily into the bloodstream once they are inhaled. This absorption mainly takes place within the lung’s blood vessels. The absorbed oils are then circulated throughout the body. You can enjoy the benefits of these oils by using a diffuser. For instance, lavender oil is diffused to reduce stress, clean air and improve one’s mood.



These oils are used as an alternative form of medicine. They are very safe since they do not have any side effects. Anyone using these oils is advised to mix them with some drop of water because they are very powerful. Oils such as lemon, frankincense, and peppermint have powerful internal health benefits and should also be mixed with water.

Personal care

In the modern days, essential oils are widely used in making homemade personal care products. These products are used in improving beauty. Some of the DIY recipes made using these oils include body butter, bug spray, shampoo, and lip balm, household cleaner, and toothpaste.

Other uses of essential oils

Insect repellent

You can make a natural bug spray by combining citronella oil, eucalyptus oil, and lemongrass oil. The product produced should be rubbed on the exposed skin to repel  insects.

Cleaning air

The potent antimicrobial properties of essential oils are helpful in cleansing air. For instance, cinnamon oil is diffused in the air to clean it.

All-purpose cleaner

These oils have potent antiseptic properties. You can apply drops of tree tea oil and lemon oil on your countertops as one way of disinfecting them.


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