Some may feel petrified when they knew that there is something wrong to their pets like the cat or dog as we treat them like our own family member and we don’t want something unpleasant and bad that may happen to them. Even just a simple fever that our pets get, we feel extremely worried as we don’t anything bad to happen to them and we don’t like them to have a problem in their body as we could not talk to them like humans and sometimes it is a pity to see them that they would be sitting on one side and look so sad. The most terrible thing that could happen is we buy weed and we accidentally throw it improperly and there is a chance that the pets could eat it or they would try to taste it.  

There are some ways and steps in order for you to get to know the symptoms and indications that your pet has a problem or they have taken BC bud in accident.  

You need to observe your pet carefully for any unpleasant behavior or strange action that they are doing which is very different from what they are used to do before. Some of the animals would feel and get depressed easily and you can notice this one by their movements and the way they treat their owners like ignoring things when you are trying to play with them or get their attention. There are some results that are opposite to this one as some animals would be more aggressive when they see other pets in your home or when they are playing with another animal in the house. Most of the cats who have consumed marijuana by accident would feel strange in a way that they would not use the litter box when they want to urinate or they would just lie on the floor and feeling tired the whole time.  

It is nice if you could read something on the internet for some other reactions and things that you need to do so that you could prevent them from having a bad result or actions. You have to clearly know their actions and also the temperature of them especially when you feel that they don’t have the appetite to eat the food even you are serving them a delicious meal. Others could eat a little but there is a higher chance of vomiting as their immune and digestive system don’t coordinate well to what they are feeling.  

If you can’t handle the situation as it is getting worst, then you need to seek the professional help of the vet as they could handle this one better and they have the knowledge about the proper medication of this problem. It is a wonderful thing if you have some activated type of charcoal medicine so that they would feel a little better. It is always about being careful and try yourself to calm down and look for the best solution.